The main aim of the school is to provide internationally recognised education for enrolled students in a spiritually healthy atmosphere.

Additionally we aim to provide an excellent education for those who otherwise would not have the opportunity

The following qualities are esteemed in the school:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Justice
  • Obedience
  • Kindness
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Love of Knowledge
  • Brief History of the school

    Amazonas English Academy came into being because of a desire to help British missionary kids take their compulsory British exams here in Amazonas instead of their parents having to return to Britain for the extent of their GCSE and A-level studies. The first step was thus to go about getting recognition from the department of international examinations of Cambridge University to become a testing centre for IGCSEs and A-levels: worldwide recognized qualifications for high school students in preparation for college entry. Recognition was obtained on 19th January 2004 and the first students had already begun on their studies to take IGCSEs and A-levels in May 2005. Later we obtained recognition as a member of the Cambridge International Primary Program (July 2005). We receive visits every three years from a representative of the University of Cambridge to maintain these recognitions.

    Due to the annual cost of the administrative materials associated with a Centre of International Examinations it was decided to see if there was a market for an international education in Manaus. Beyond all doubt it has been proved that there is such a market – both among expatriots – missionaries and business families – and also Brazilians. In July 2012 we received accreditation from the Local Education Council for the acceptance of Y1-Y5 as an official Brazilian School (even though it is still run as an international school).

    Aims & Ethics of the school

    The chief aim of the school is to provide an internationally recognized education for enrolled students in a spiritually healthy atmosphere. We also aim to teach sufficient of the Brazilian curriculum so that students can keep in step with their peers at other schools in the city. Non-Brazilians are expected to learn Portuguese as we seek to have a bi-lingual school.

    While we have chosen not to be a Christian school, we have the desire is to build a school on the principles of respect for God, for His Word, the Bible, and for others of all nationalities and backgrounds. Teachers, while not necessarily expected to be either Bible-believing or God-fearing, are asked not to work against these principles. The leadership of the school desires that the school should be a vehicle to further God’s Kingdom here on earth.

    It has already been stated that respect is an essential quality to see in all members of the school. Honesty, justice, obedience, kindness, creativity and a love of knowledge are other qualities that should be esteemed in the school

    Finally we recognize that each pupil in the school is an individual and our aim is to see each individual grow and flourish according to his/her strengths and inclinations.