The Infant School is for 2year 6 months to 5 Years. Here we teach the basics of reading and writing in English and Portuguese.

Amazonas English Academy accepts students from 2 years 6 months onwards. There are four classes in the infants´ school: Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Nursery 3 and Reception. The actual promotion between each class depends on the student´s individual progress. On average a student will be admitted to Nursery 1 and spend an average of 6 months in each of the Nursery classes before progressing to Reception, where most students spend one year.

Students are enrolled in the school with all levels of knowledge of English and Portuguese – from nothing to native. The general aim is for students to graduate from Reception at 5 years of age knowing the basics of reading and writing in both English and Portuguese. The main medium of instruction is English and each week would have its theme where the students are introduced to related vocabulary and within which the important concepts of colour, shape, vowels, consonants and numbers can be taught – depending on the progress of the student.

The teaching is active, allowing the students to have a hands-on involvement. Songs, drama and play are used to motivate the youngsters. Physical Education plays an important part as students master the important motor co-ordination skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching, hitting and kicking. There are regular swimming and ballet classes and the students are introduced to cookery and gardening.

The classes are small: the nursery classes between 6 and 15 students. For all but the smallest classes, there is both a teacher and an assistant responsible for each lesson. The reception class will accept up to 18 students, but is generally much smaller than this. There are a variety of teachers in the school – the qualities most sort after are basic qualifications, ability in English, empathy with small children and a zeal that results in captivating lessons.